A little bit about me

Me on the grass at the front of my School
Me on the grass at the front of my School

I have realised I have never actually introduced myself properly so I will do it now:

Name: Ebony Anne Smith (I figured it was probably safe to say my full name)

Almost names: Not really sure but if I was a boy i would have been Isaac

nicknames: Ebs, Eb, Ebie, Ebonay-nay, Ebsie, Ebenezer, Ebenenzer, Ebby, Scrooge and Buzz

Age: I am 13 but turn 14 in January so I am one of the youngest members of the name community

Where I am from: A small country town in Western Australia which is obviously in Australia ( i can just hear people saying No I would never have guessed)

Siblings: I am the oldest of three I have a sister named the name-nerd darling Adele and a brother named Isaac there middle names are Louise and James

Why do I have a name blog: Because I have loved names since aged 5 I will post one of my early name lists later versus my lists now.

top 1o names: Isobel, Sophie, Miranda, Eloise, Matilda, Lily, Ruby, Charlotte, Felicity and Summer.

Eamon, Tiago, Cooper, Jack, Jago, Alexander, Louis, Miles, Oliver, Thomas

I have quite a different taste in names to many name nerds and I can’t stand many name nerd darling names like Beatrice.

Where else to find me: I have twitter @ebsie_anne though I got that for stalking One Direction you can follow me but I don’t post anything name related. I am also on nameberry as ebenezer.scrouge .

So thats just a little bit about me not sure if you care or not but anyway.

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