Names from books: hating Alison Ashley

The cover of Hating Alison Ashley
The cover of Hating Alison Ashley

Since I am bored and on school holidays I am starting a new series on names from books. First is Hating Alison Ashley by Robin Klein.

Erica: The main character she is always in the sickbay and is jealous of the new girl Alison Ashley and lies to impress her. Her name is at 352 currently and when the book was written it was at 205 and that was in 1984 and Erica is a teen so she would have been born in the early 70’s in which is was 204.

Alison Ashley: Alison Ashley is the perfect rich new girl who is Ericas rival. I am pretty sure Ashley is the characters last name but she is always referred to as Alison Ashley. Alison is currently at 393 when the book was written it was at 34 and in the early 70’s it was at 26.

Barry: Barry is the  bad boy and is always graffiting the school or setting fire to something. His name is no longer on the chart and in the 80’s it was at 209 and in the 70’s it was at 144.

Valjoy: Valjoy is Erica’s boy mad and fashion mad big sister. Her name is a combination between her mums sisters Val and Joy.

Jedda: Jedda is Ericas horse mad sister who loves horses and thinks she is one her room is set up like a stable and she even eats grass.

Harley: Erica’s brother who never really does much and wants to learn astral travel so he can go to work without ever leaving his hammock. In 1984 Harley was at 256 when Harley was born in the 60’s it didn’t chart and now it is at 117.

Margeart: Ok so the character is actually Margaret but she can’t seem to spell it correctly. in the 70’s Margaret was at 101 in 1984 it was at 190 and now it is at 428 how the mighty have fallen.

Chrystal and Nicole: Chrystal and Nicole are best friends that go to Erica’s school Barringa East High. Crystal was at 518 in the 70’s at 91 in  the 80’s and now it is at 343. Nicole was at 3 in the 70’s, 7 in the 80’s and is now at 228.



One thought on “Names from books: hating Alison Ashley

  1. I think Harley wins the award for having The Name Most Likely!

    I love Jedda and Valjoy for the characters, they’re very Australian. Jedda even sounds like the kind of name people might give a horse; I’ve met quite a few horses with this name.

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