Names from my childhood: Hi 5

Hi 5
Hi 5

Hi 5 pretty much were my childhood I was a massive fan. I own about 10 Hi 5 cds and at age 8 I went to a high five concert. I thought I was too old to go but me and my best friend got into it as much as our 6 year old sisters.

Kellie: My favourite member. It ranked 90 for the 80’s, 251 for the 90’s before falling of the charts in 2005. Kelly still ranks though at 641.

Charli: My sisters favourite member and she got more parts then everyone else, her name is the most popular and trendy now. It is number 86 and Charlie is at number 94 and it’s at 45 in Australia.

Kathleen: She was the first member to quit in 2005 or something like that. Her name is a bit trendier then Kellie but not very trendy at all. It ranked 100 in the 80’s and in the 90’s in ranked 159 (I happen to know 2 born in the 90s) and fell of the charts in 2009.

Nathan:  It peaked in the 80’s at number 12 and by the 90’s it was number 15 now it is at 59 in NSW and 69 in Australia.

Tim: Timothy peaked in the 80’s with 13 born each year and now it is at 173.

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