Names From My Childhood: Angelina Ballerina

Angelina and Alice
Angelina and Alice


Angelina: The main character who always wore pink. I found her to be a bit of a show off as she always got the main role in the ballets. Angelina ranks in the top 100 at 94 with 79 born maybe the release of the new version has made Angelina drop because in 2005-2008 it was at 49 with 131 born each year this is in NSW in Australia it ranks 94.

Alice: Is Angelina’s best friend and my favourite character. She always has to be second to Angelina though Alice is quite good at Gymnastics. Alice’s name is much more fashionable then Angelina’s at number 48 with 133 born in NSW in Australia it ranks number 46.

William: The only male ballerina and he gets teased a lot about it. His name has been popular in Australia for all the 111 years I have access to and it only ever got as low as 29 in the 70’s and last year it was number 1 in both NSW and Australia.

Henry: Angelina’s little brother and his name is probably more trendy then Angelina. It ranked 39 in NSW and 32 in Australia.

Miss Lilly: The ballet teacher of Angelina, Alice and William. Her name is also very trendy when combined with Lily it reached number one though is over used in Australia in NSW Lilly reached number 34 with 179 born and Lily had 412 born at number 13.

Priscilla and Penelope: Are twins who tease everyone including each other and are jealous of Angelina and her talent. Priscilla wears blue but has a purple ribbon and Penelope wears purple with a blue ribbon. Priscilla has been of the charts since the 90’s while Penelope ranked number 190 and is probably going to rise.

Sammy: A male mouse who teases William and Angelina about possibly liking each other and the fact that William does ballet. There were 463 Samuels born in NSW and in Australia it ranked number 18.

Polly: Is Angelina’s little sister she was a baby in the original series. It isn’t on the charts but similar sounding  Molly is at 53 and Holly is at 43.


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