Names of my Childhood Toys

A Choo Choo doll like my Doll Emma
A Choo Choo doll like my Doll Emma


Freda:I named her age 18months so don’t judge she is named after a Sesame Street Character though I can’t actually remember who she is.I made her name longer a few years ago to Frederica which is still terrible when you think about it.  My mum still teases me about my terrible  name tastes back then. Freda peaked in the 1910’s and has been off the charts since the 40’s. Thankfully Sesame Street has started giving there characters better names.

Emma: I named her aged 5 and I think I did a bit of a better job this time. I don’t know where I got Emma from but anyway. There were 419 Emma’s born in 2004 and last year there were 269 Emma’s. A few years ago I lengthened her name to Emily or Emmasyn which is Emerson spelt very wrong, I have since changed it back to Emma.



Rosemary: A teddy with roses on her dress so I named her Rosemary when I was between 3 and 6 i can’t actually remember when or where I got Rosemary from.

Rosie: A bunny holding a rose her name is just Rosie due to the fact I already had a Rosemary. i won her from a duck fishing game aged 8.

Rose and Rosetta: Rose and Rosetta are pink bunnies Rosetta is the mum and Rose is the baby. I got the name Rosetta from Tinkerbell and Rose just worked. I named them age 9 though i had had them for around 2 years before that.

Lulu: A rattle in the shape of a teddy named after the one and only Lulu from the Banana’s in Pyjama’s.

Big Ted: no prizes for guessing where his name came from.

Lala: A teletubby teddy that was Lala.

Elmo: It was a stuffed Elmo

Drago: A dragon from Saint George bank.


Beanie Kids:

Giselle: A Ballerina cuddly kid that I won in a competition.

Rosemary: She is a chef born on my birthday which is why I got her. She has a cat named Thyme and runs a restaurant named Rosemary and Thyme.

Jordyn: She is a glow in the dark Twinkle Twinkle Little Star bear with a twin named Jayden which i don’t have. Jordyn and Jayden work as a very trendy ambiguous sibset.

Lyla: She is a pixie and I pronounce her name as Lila but god knows how it is pronounced. I have seen quite a few Lila’s and Layla’s so maybe this is a name to watch.

Growl: A bear I kinda stoleofmysisterlegally I entered her in the comp so my mum said I could have it.


5 thoughts on “Names of my Childhood Toys

  1. I think Freda was an excellent choice! I really like this name, although it’s not super-trendy by any means.

    There’s a real Rose theme going on with the teddies!

    Lulu and Lyla are right on trend – could Lala be next? 😉

    1. I think I was a very pop culture influenced child 🙂

      There is I know I just hope I never get many other Rose teddies because I can think of is Rosalia or Rosalie.

      Well I hope not you know what I think of Lala.

  2. Such awesome, quirky names! When I was little the only toys I named properly were my bunny Pippy and my koala David. Everything else went by what it was. I love Rosemary and Freda.

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