Baby Name Rants Part 2

Ebbeny Faranda from 9 News in Perth

Name Stereotyping: I am an Ebony so I think I have a right to say telling someone that they have a “stripper name” or a ghetto name it’s not nice. Ok so I may prefer Ebs to Ebony and Ebony to Eb but I am not a stripper I am a teen at a catholic high school. You could say well there have been no sucessful Ebony’s well what about Ebbenny Faranda she is a newsreader not a stripper or  something like that.  Just because you name your daughter Mary or Diana does not make you a better person then the mum of a Maddison or that the Mary is a better person then the Maddison.


The -Ayden trend: I am over it, I know a 14 year old Jaidyn and I am almost 100% sure a Kaiden has just joined Hawthorne. Why did I put those examples to show that here in Australia at least it has gone on for a long time but call me crazy I actually don’t mind Jayden and Kayden or Aiden. The 14 year old Jaidyn his sister is named Janelle. Sure in America it is still right on trend and this corresponds to rant 1 you could think that the mum was just a trend follower or uneducated. Let me tell you Jayden is not really that bad trust me.

The Surname Trend: I love the name Cooper it is in my top 10 for boys disguising with Miles, Alexander and Louis and Eamon and Tiago and even Jack. I also found out that the character Dex on Home and Away is actually a Dexter (I have only seen about 5 episodes this year and learned about 10 characters names a Telethon with my friends referring to the actresses and actors by there characters names). Surnames as first names is not that bad names like Baxter and Cooper really work in my opinion.


If you name a child a nickname they will never been taken seriously as a adult: Which is why 2 of the staff at my primary school were called Debbie and another Jenny (the rest were Kaye, 2 Amanda’s and a Brendan). Sure there real names are Deborah and Jennifer but some people really don’t like names like Archibald and Margaret should we really insist they call there child that just to get there little Archie or Maisie.


Spelling Variants: I can handle ones like Reece instead of Rhys and Jordyn instead of Jordan but take it to  Aalivyah ala Bridget and Wes of Winners and Losers and you cross the line. Isobel is fine as it is a legit version of Isabel but Izobelle is just not ok. Aleah is fine as who would pronounce Aaliyah as A-lee-ah the first time but Aleaha is not (It should be pronounced A-lee-ah-ah)


Lastly a personal request: Please please please stop naming your son Lachlan there are already to many. 1 know 2 Lachlan’s and one Lochlan I have like a massive 0% of them and they all went by variations or Lachy (Lachy, Lachie and I would guess Lochy). Top 10 for my whole life and it doesn’t even sound that good. There must be more Lachy’s then Jack’s and William’s and I must say I don’t like it. It was number three last year and Lochlan was number 296 just a bit common. I am jealous of those who can say they have never met a Lachlan as it has to be one of Australia’s most popular names. please stop naming you son’s Lachlan if you do just don’t nickname them Lachy or Lachie or Lockie or Loki or Lochie or Lochy.



3 thoughts on “Baby Name Rants Part 2

  1. Definitely not nice to tell someone they have a “stripper” name – especially a baby!

    From my researches into names of real strippers, I found that any name seen as feminine, attractive and contemporary will get used by strippers (including my own name!). So Madison and Ruby can be used by strippers, and so can Sarah and Rebecca, but not Ethel or Winifred – they’re not modern enough.

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