Names you love because of someone and can’t use because of that person

What I mean by the title is if you like a name because of someone (like a celebrity crush or something) but you can’t use it because of that person and everyone will assume that the person is named after the person. Mine are

Louis (pronounced Louie): I am a massive Directioner (for you old people that is people who are obsessed with 1D). I have always loved the Lou-is pronunciation but because of Louis Tomlinson I have found myself loving the French pronunciation. I also love his sisters names which are Charlotte, Felicite and twins Daisy and Phoebe.

Liam: As in Liam Payne also from 1D. I have never really liked it before I became a Directioner and with them being the boy band of the moment. I will just see this my favourite member of 1D is Zayn Malik mostly for looks but I don’t really like his name due to what Louis said on one of there XFactor video diaries (hilarious stuff)  “Zayn is vain, see what I did there” . This is one of the one direction video diaries.

Millie: At the moment it reminds me so much of the dumb blonde Millie from Beauty and the Geek she annoys me so much in looks and personality (which is why I put  1D instead as they are much prettier to look at then Millie)

Orla: It is my best friends name so I can’t really use it and I never really considered it before I met her, i found it so unusual and well Irish (I am not Irish and happen to be English/ Scottish though my favourite boys name is Eamon)

Eamon: i will probably use this anyway, but it always makes me think of Eamon Sullivan (who is from my home state yay ) which happens to be where I first saw the name.

So do you have any names that you love because of a person but can’t use it because of a person?


4 thoughts on “Names you love because of someone and can’t use because of that person

  1. Cheeky! Many of us old people have young people, so we know about 1D! Besides, they’re on TV and in the papers all the time.

    I’m not really one for not using names because of someone else (unless they are REALLY bad), but my husband has vetoed Hugo because it’s our nephew’s best friend (kind of a pain), and Hamish, because we know someone of that name who’s slightly annoying. He’s a big believer in not using names because of other people.

    1. Sorry :). With my age many people would assume that a Louis (with the Louie pronunciation) would be named after Louis Tomlinson which could just be me being picky.

      1. Well maybe I am too old because I wouldn’t connect Louis (Louie) with One Direction – I’ve actually seen it used a lot in the past 2-3 years, even before the rise of 1D. I’m guessing by the time you are ready to have a Louis of your own, it won’t be a big issue for you. 🙂

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