Names that we need to start using: Emiliana

Names related to Emiliana (from behind the name)

Emiliana sounds like a combination of two popular names: Emily and Anna but is an Italian name the feminine form of Emiliano which comes from Emil so it means rival coming from the same root as Emily and not being as popular. It was my name in Italian in primary school. It is a more feminine variation of Emmerson that has never ranked in the top 100 in America. It is an underused name that doesn’t sound strange and doesn’t sound like it should only belong to a family out of the Dolmio Ads (very Italian in otherwords) It can work in all cultures and with the overuse (To me anyway there were literally 1 million born in the 90’s and another million born since then) Emily and Emma and it also has the on trend nickname Millie thrown in although with that being the name of one on the beauties on Beauty and the Geek and she is VERY annoying.

So you get an unpopular yet known of name with an on trend nickname it is time we start looking at Emiliana

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