Marisol May and Matteo John: Birth announcements from Western Australia

Busselton Jetty in Western Australia


Liam Dale and Emily Rose (Michael, Jake, Isobel)


Marisol May (Lucia)

Ashlyn Georgia (Nixan)

Isla Ruby (Holly)

Jordan Louise Charlie (Summer, Taylor)- yay a girl Jordan

Isabel Catherine

Ariana Grace (Caius- whats that all about?)

Sarah David

Alannah Christine (Alexander)

Hayley Elizabeth (Sophie)

Isabel Mary (Elena, Stella)

Charlotte Isabella (Tarquin)

Allegra Pearl Libelle (Sophia)

Kamryn Zoe (Ethyn)- whats with the y’s?

Danielle Grace (Rachel)

Isabella Claire

Madison Ella (Mia)

Lucy Coralie

Ruby Alyvia

Taylor Annie

Madeline Grace



Wlliam John

Declan Peter

Samuel John (Jayde, Mikayla, Charlize)

Matteo John (Orlando)

Bailey Alex (Sophie, Lewis)

Evan Cooper (Matilda)

Rafferty George

Samuel James (Chelsea)

Jye Darren (Reece)

Cohen Thomas (Peyton, Taylor)

Jake (Ava)

Jackson Thomas

Jake David (Kyan, Addison)

Kane Massimo (Macklin, Emmerson)

Cooper Mace

Max Toby (Myla- is that a variant of Mila?)

Harry Kevin

Corey Taylor- is Taylor for boys ready to make a comeback?

Hunter Keenan


Max Kenneth Joe (Ali, Greg and Jay)


3 thoughts on “Marisol May and Matteo John: Birth announcements from Western Australia

  1. Some very stylish names! Love Marisol, Allegra Pearl Libelle as sister to Sophia, Lucy Coralie, and Matteo and Orlando as a sibset.

    Taylor seems to be for both girls and boys, although I do see Taylor more often in the middle for boys.

    Caius is the full, “proper” form of the name Kai. I’m guessing they don’t like nickname names? I thought Ariana and Caius were nice, if slightly Harry Potter sounding.

    I thought Myla might be a re-spelling of Mila, but it’s hard to tell once people start getting creative. For all I know, it’s a cross between Mylie and Kayla.

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