Is unisex such a bad thing?

Ok so you know how I feel about unisex names. I was almost a Taylor or Lauren and boys are called Ebony. But in the past few months I have been collecting birth announcements I have found two who’s gender you can’t tell Geordie Walker and Lennox Buck. What gender  are they? They are both girls. I find Madison, Taylor, Mackenzie, Emerson and Addison too girly for a boy due to their similar sound to Madeleine, Emily and Adeline the other two being a nineties baby I know heaps of them all girls. While Bailey, Darcy and Ashley I can stand on both. I also know a girl Regan who has a big sister Brooke and a little sister Darcy. Although I know a boy who goes by  Maddy as a nickname for Matthew so it can go both ways but Madison just sounds too girly having been in the top 100 since the 90’s.  What about Alexis, Lexi is girly and Alex is both so for me it is more feminine (though I adore the name Lexi). Bailey and Darcy  are the soul survivors still ranking for boys but you find girl Darcy’s and girl Bailey’s/ Bailee/ Baylee/’s around. Taylor and Ashley are hard for me to imagine on a boy having grown up with so many that are girls though all f the Ashley’s have feminised spellings. Unisex names: whether you love them, hate them or chose not to really care, they are not going anywhere soon.


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