Name of the week: Emmerson

Girls name of boys?

Am I the only one that sees this: naming your daughter Madison is a crime but naming your son Taylor is fantastic? Names cross because they sound girly or masculine. There are boys called Ebony yet it sounds exactly like Emily. Same with Emerson/Emmerson. It offers the girly nickname Emme/Emmie/Emmy does it really matter that it ends in son. Sherman and Sheridan start with She yet we use them for boys. I must admit being a nineties baby I got the girl Madison’s the Emmerson’s the last of the Ashlee’s/Ashleigh’s/ Ashley’s and most of the Taylor’s/Tayla’s/Taylah’s and quite a few girl Jordan’s and Jordyn’s. I know a girl named Dana Alexis double unisex name has it killed her no she just hates Alexis. Emmerson is a surname meaning “son of Emery”. Son I hear you cry it means SON of Emery even if it is used on a boy are those Emerson’s sons of Emery’s it has just as much meaning when used on girls. Emmerson/Emerson has never ranked for either gender making it a great replacement for other unisex names such as Madison, Addison and Bailey. By the way Sam and Alex and other nicknames are unisex Alexandra and Samantha are girls names.

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