Unique Spellings Girls


I have always said how glad I am to be an Ebony not an Ebonie, Ebonee or worse Ebenny. Though one of the most common spelling variants has to be Jorja a phonetic variation of Georgia though I am pretty sure there are girls out there by the names or Jeorja, Jeorjia, Jorjia and Gorgia. though not as often as Jorja. Was Jorja created because they were worried that Georgia would be pronounced Gee-or-gi-a or maybe they wanted an easier to spell variation. Jorja also gave birth to other G to J variations such as Jorgi (I know a girl named this), Jorjina (maybe), Jorjiana (possibly) and even Jenevieve (Though I hope there aren’t to many children responding to this).

Enough of Georgia and friends variations along to others:

Tamsin: Tamzyn. Tamsyn, Tamzin

Lily: Lillie, Lili, Lilly, Lillee, Lilli, Lilee, Lilie

Ruby: Rubi, Rubee, Rubie, Rooby (I wouldn’t be surprised if this actually exsisted)

3 thoughts on “Unique Spellings Girls

  1. This is what I’ve heard from parents of Jorjas –

    1. they wanted to differentiate the name from the American state and the European country Georgia, because “they don’t like place names”.

    2. they were worried people would say it gee-ORG-ee-uh or some other weird way of pronouncing it.

    3. they thought Jorja would be easier for the child to spell

    4. they just thought Jorja looked cuter than Georgia

    5. they honestly thought that’s how the name was spelled, having never seen it written down

    1. I know a Jorja and her sister is named Tamzyn so to me that just proves they purposely did it. Though the brother is Darcy not D’Arcie or something

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