Names from my childhood: Play School


Almost everyone knows Playschool entertaining Australian Children since 1966. The toys have some original (I am looking at you Big Ted and Little Ted), unique and some names that could catch on.

Big Ted and Little Ted: Ted is traditionally a nickname for  Theodore but much more likely now as a nickname for Edward which ranked 71 in NSW compared to Theodore’s 186.

Daisy the Cow: Daisy is a flower name gaining popularity in recent years now at 134 I would not be surprised if Daisy joined the top 100 in a couple of years as an alternative to Rose and Lily.

Dan the Doll: Dan is a nickname for Daniel which is falling but is still in the top 30 at 24 down from its 80’s high of number 2.

Darcy The Donkey: I am not entirely sure of the gender of Darcy the Donkey though I think he is a male. While Darcy ranks in the top 100 for boys at 98 it is falling probably because it is climbing for females. I like many prefer it for a boy.

Diddle the Cat: Diddle could be a nickname for many D names both masculine and feminine. It is taken from the nursery rhyme Hey Diddle Diddle.

Fergus the Frog: Fergus is a Scottish name that is used but not enough for it to rank.

Henny Penny the Hen: Penny ranked 382 this year and looks to be on a slight rise. It could also be a nickname for Penelope which is a top 200 name at 190 and rising.

Humpty: It would most probably be used as a nickname that does not relate to the first name. Taken from the nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty.

Jemima the Rag Doll: Jemima is one of those old fashioned names gaining favour through 80/90’s favourite Jemma/Gemma which seems does not seem dated just overused with both spellings in the top 100. Jemima is now at 251.

Kim the doll: 60’s and 70’s favourite Kim which was a unisex favourite in the 50’s and 60’s. Now unranked it would be more likely as a nickname for Kimberley and Kimberly both are now unranked.

Lisa the Doll (twin of Kim): 60’s/70’s/80’s favourite Lisa now sounds really dated but unlike Kim it still ranks last year 18 Lisa’s were born so it ranked at 370.

Maurice the Bear: It could have a chance of being revived but not for a while with it being off the charts since the 80’s. It’s highest ranking was in the 20’s.

Meeka the Doll: Meeka could gain favour through new favourite Mila. It can also be spelt Mika. It could also be a nickname for Mikayla, Mikaela or Michaela.

Sam the Lamb: Sam is a nickname for Samuel or Sampson also for Samantha and Samara for girls. Sam is now at 110 with 88 born, Samuel is at number 14, Sampson is unranked. For girls Samantha is at 75 and Samara at 252. Sam’s and Lamb’s must get along well as Sam Kechovich is Australia’s Lambassador.

Tippy the duck: Tippy could be viewed as a nickname for Tabitha instead of Tibby. Tabitha ranks at 361 and is on the rise.

2 thoughts on “Names from my childhood: Play School

  1. Jemima is adorable, but I do wonder whether it would remind people too strongly of the doll.

    I’ve seen quite a few Teds in the BAs lately, and Meeka and all its variants is very trendy.

    I had a pet lamb once named Sam – I expect Sam the Lamb is a very popular name for pet lambs!

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