Geordie Walker and Bodhi Kristian: Birth Announcements from Western Australia


These announcements are taken from the West Australian Newspaper. Some of these babies may have sibling but were not listed in the announcement. Sometimes the middle names were not written in the announcement but the babies may have one.


Harvey Luke

David James (Mary, Elizabeth)

Roman Patrick (Isabella)

Bodhi Kristian

James Tony


Ken James (Nina)

Blake Robert (Chloe, Jacob)

Cohen James (Will, Gabrielle)

Ben Christian

Harlan Adam (Charlee-Rose)

William Charles

Brody Philip Keith

Paul (Alexia)

Jackson Hunter (Taylor)


Layla Rose

Samara Ashleigh (Sasha, Gemma)

Ruby Charlise

Geordie Walker

Ariane Juliet (Camden)

Eloise Eva

Hayley Grace (Nathan, Cameron)

Isla Tottie (Harrison, Kai)

Rosie Matilda

Mia Alison


Hannah Lee

5 thoughts on “Geordie Walker and Bodhi Kristian: Birth Announcements from Western Australia

  1. This is great that WA is finally gets its own birth announcements; I was starting to get quite worried about it.

    Amazing that Geordie Walker is a girl – it’s such a boyish name! Isla Tottie is amusing.

    I love Ariane Juliet, and Rosie Matilda is sweet – nice change from the usual Matilda Rose.

    I am seeing the name Harlan everywhere lately; there’s a lot of famous men named Harlan, and I don’t know which one/s are the influence.

      1. Oh sorry – I meant, I’m glad WA has its birth announcements online now, thanks to you!

        I was starting to wonder if I should take out a subscription to the paper just to get them, but it’s much better that you do them, as it’s your special area.

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