Name of the week: Tahlia


Tahlia is one of the names Australians seem to love but is virtually undiscovered in other parts of the world. Consider this in Australia it was number 63 and in England it has risen to number 555. In NSW there were 90 Tahlia’s born this is more than there were in the whole of England.  Though the Talia spelling is much more popular in England with the spelling not ranking in our top 100 and there only were 32 Talia’s born in NSW.  Tahlia is a variant of Talia which is Hebrew meaning gentle dew from heaven or is a short form of Natalia. It is also a form of the Aboriginal name Talia meaning by the water.  Some long forms are Natalia and Talisha

5 thoughts on “Name of the week: Tahlia

      1. Yes I think so. I’m pretty sure Aboriginal girls were the first be given the name Talia, and maybe Tahlia was used by whites to look “less Aboriginal”. Just a theory, I don’t really know.

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