Belated name of the week: Jessica

This weeks name of the week is one of the most popular names from the year I was born along with Emily, Sarah/Sara, Emma and Amy/Aimee/Amie. It was actually the most popular name in the nineties at number one with a massive 1224 Jessica’s being born in NSW, in Victoria it was number two. Currently at 20 in NSW, 47 in Tasmania and number 26 in the country. In my home state WA 90 Jessica’s were born. So that’s a whole lot of Jess’s. It is a Hebrew name meaning wealthy. Alternatives that could get you a Jess are Jessamine and Jesinta.

2 thoughts on “Belated name of the week: Jessica

  1. Jessica always seems like the 1990s version of Jennifer to me – apart from sounding similar, they both seem like names destined for success, somehow.

    I must prefer Jessamine and Jessamy though.

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