Name of the Week: Madelyn




A potential name for my little sister was Madelyn or Madison but one of my mums friends had a Madelyn knocking both of her list. My sisters glad because there is a Madison in her year in my small school and even if she was Madelyn two Maddy’s is one too many. My sister is an Adele now a bit less common but still pretty and has similar sounds the Madelyn. Madelyn is a variant of Madeleine. Though my mum would have pronounced it as Mad-el-en not Mad-el-ine. The name Madelyn does not rank in NSW though Madeline is at 97 and Madeleine at number 71. I know Madelyn but I have never met a Madeline or Madeleine. Now I will let you decide are Madelyn and Madeleine different names with different pronunciations? I think so my mum thinks so but is it?

3 thoughts on “Name of the Week: Madelyn

    1. you could but for my mum it was just a name that she like. They are technicality the same name with the same meaning and I am sure some Madeleine’s would say there name like Madelyn.

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