Boys names on Girls


I swear there a more female Clancy’s then there are male. I know TWO female Clancy’s (one is ClancyRose the other just Clancy) and one boy (a brother to James and Robert!!!). An Irish name meaning red haired warrior it has never ranked. I would probably be spelt Clancee and Clancie by parents of girl Clancy’s. In Australia we like to change the spelling of things to make it feminine Taylor=Tayla or Taylah, Peter=Peta (both pronounced the same) Ashley=Ashleigh or Ashlee.

Some common unisex names and there ranks for both genders in NSW:
Taylor: Girls: 68 born Boys: 29 born (Tayla: 52 born, Taylah: 42 born)

Bailey: Girls: no ranking Boys: 149 born

Addison: Girls: 131 born Boys: No rank

Ashley Girls: 80 born Boys 13 born (Ashleigh: 45 born, Ashlee 21 born and Ashlea: No rank)

Darcy: Girls: No rank Boys: 93 born (Darcey: No Rank, Darcie No rank)

Mackenzie: Girls: 90 born Boys: No rank (Mckenzie: No rank)

Regan: Girls: No rank Boys No rank (I know I of each gender)

Ashton; Girls: No rank Boys: 172

Charlie: Girls: 78 Born Boys: 384 born (Charli: 84 born, Charley No rank)

Riley: Girls: No rank. Boys: 355 born (Rylee: no rank)

Tyler: Girls: no rank Boys: 290 born (Tyla no rank, Tylah no rank)

Jordan: Girl: 17 born, Boys: 150 born

Jesse: Girl: no rank (more commonly spelt Jessie which there were 20 born)   Boys: 104 born

Avery: Girls: no rank Boys: No rank

Brooklyn: Girls: no rank (Brooke had 54 born) Boys No rank

Jamie: Girls 17 born Boys: 75 born

Lee: Girls: no rank Boys: no rank

Alex: Girls: no rank Boys: 112 born each year (17 Alexandria’s,  78 Alexandra’s,  168 Alexis’ and  35 Alexia’s may add to the female Alex’s also spelt Alix which does not rank, though there are still more Alexander’s with 408 views)

Alexis:  Girls: 168 born Boys: No rank

Harper: Girls: No rank. Boys: No rank


Any others?

Spelling changes everything (sound a likes that prove boy or girl)

Peta vs Peter: Peta: No rank (was up to 122 born a year in the 70’s) and Peter 76 born

Jessie and Jesse : see above

All of the Taylors: see above

Billy vs Billie: Girls (Billie): 31 born. Boys (Billy): 70 born


2 thoughts on “Boys names on Girls

  1. I must say, I don’t care for Clancy on a girl, as the name reminds me of “Clancy of the Overflow” – a very manly man (in literature).

    Some other unisex names I’ve seen:

    Asher – starting to see a lot of girls with this due to Asher Keddie

    Aubrey (Aubree, Aubrie etc) seen Aubrey more on boys, feminised spellings on girls

    Casey – seen on boys and girls pretty evenly

    Dakota (many spellings) seen much more on girls

    Emerson – have only seen girls with this name

    Harley (Harleigh etc) more on boys, girls usually with feminised spellings

    Jess – as a full name, I think I’ve seen it more on boys, but it’s rare

    Phoenix – it ranks higher for boys, lots of feminised spellings for girls

    Quinn – fairly even, maybe slightly more girls

    Scout – more on girls (rare name)

    Skyler – nearly all on girls

    Tully – pretty evenly on both, maybe slight lean to girls (rare)

    1. Yes I also thought of Alex, Alexis, Quentin (Quentin Bryce Governor general) and Quinn. One of the girl Clancy’s was shocked when I told her I knew a boy named Clancy

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