My country town sibsets




Some sibsets I know with the particularities now and meanings

1. The big family

Joseph “Joe”   (41) A Hebrew name meaning Jehovah increases.

Neve  (Unranked) A variant of Niamh an Irish name meaning Bright.

Olivia   (4) A Latin name meaning olive tree.

Nathaniel “Nat”  (135) A Hebrew name meaning gift of god.

and Tom (173)  A short form of Thomas an Aramaic name meaning Twin

The Australian sibset:

Matilda (18) A German name meaning mighty in battle

Thomas (5) An Aramaic name meaning twin

The two babies classic names sibset

Benjamin “Ben” (16) A Hebrew name meaning Son of the right hand

Phillip (377) A Greek name meaning lover of horses

The sisters with the young parents:

Lexi Rose 2 (Alexia 212) A short form of Alexia a variant of Alexandra which deprives from the Greek Alexander meaning defending man.

and Cleo Rayne 6months (Unranked) A short form of Cleopatra a Greek name meaning her fathers renowned


The brothers with strong masculine names:

Alexander Wade “Alex” (15) a Greek name meaning defending man

Louis Dean (130) German or French meaning renowned warrior

Classic Named Sisters:
Katie Ruth (126) A diminutive of Katherine a Greek name meaning Pure.

Eve Maria (99) A Hebrew name meaning Life

The creative spelt family:

Jorja Kate  (222) A variant of Georgia the feminine form of George a Greek name meaning Farmer,

Darcy (Boy) (95) An Irish name meaning from the fortress

Tamzyn Ruby (unranked) A variant of Tamsin from the Archaic name Thomas meaning Twin

The all boy sibset:

Austin (120) An English name meaning great, magnificent

Miles (241) A Latin name meaning merciful, gracious

Kael (Kay-el) (unranked) A variant of Cael an Irish name meaning Slender

The tomboyish siblings:

Jessie Louise (284) A short form of Jessica a Hebrew name meaning wealthy

Seth (106) A Hebrew name meaning appointed, place

Shannon Claire (Unranked) An Irish name meaning old and wise

Classic Sibset:

Emily (8) A Latin name meaning Rival

Samuel “Sam” (12) A Hebrew name meaning told by god

Isabel  (73, Isabelle at 27) Spanish form of Elizabeth meaning pledged to god

Unusual names siblings:
Tandice (Like Candice with a T pronounced tan-Deese)  (Unranked) I can’t find the meaning of this name maybe a variant of Candice a variant of Candace a Latin name meaning white, pure, sincere.

Preston (Unranked)  An English name meaning Priests Town

The sort of unusual named siblings:
Carissa Jayde (Unranked) A Greek name meaning Grace

Joel  (99) A Hebrew name meaning Jehovah is the lord

The commonly named sibset:
Jordan Ashlee (416 for girls, 52 for boys) A Hebrew name meaning flowing down.

Michaela Quinn (383, Mikayla at 61) The feminine form of Michael meaning who is like god.

Aiden (35) An Irish name meaning Little and Fiery

The Normal, Unusual, Unsual sibset:

Mitchell (77) Variation of Michael meaning who is like god

Royce (unranked) An English surname meaning son of the king.

Ciara (pronounced like Keira) (Unranked, Keira at 108, Kiera at 386, Kiara at 100) An Irish name meaning Black Haired

My dads siblings:
Maurice (unranked) A Latin name meaning dark skinned

Craig (unranked) A Scottish name meaning from the rocks

Russell (unranked) A French name meaning Red head, fox coloured.

Harold Jnr “Harry” (Harry at number 27) A Scandinavian name meaning army ruler.

Brian (248) A Irish name meaning strong, virtuous, and honorable

Carmen (601) A Spanish variation of Carmel meaning Garden

Darren James (my dad) (485) An Irish name meaning little great one


My mums siblings

Stuart (530, Stewart unranked) A Scottish name meaning steward

Elspeth Anne(my mum) (unranked) The Scottish form of Elizabeth

My siblings:
Ebony Anne (Me, 3rd generation Anne middle and my great-grandma is Annie) A name of Egyptian origin meaning deep dark black wood.

Adele Louise (Named just because Adele and Louise sound nice together) The French form of Adela meaning Noble

Isaac James (If me or my sister were boys our name would have been Isaac, all my mum wanted was a little Isaac the name was from a little boy at a daycare she used to work at, James is my dads middle and my Nana is a Jamesie) A name of Hebrew origin meaning he laughs

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