Names from my childhood part 2: The teletubbies

Tinky Winky (Green), Dipsy (Purple), Laa-Laa (yellow) and Po (red)


The Teletubbies are a British children’s television show. My favourite show ever from my babyhood. Though my sister born two years after me got creeped out as soon as the sun rose.

Laa-Laa: This could be a nickname for Lara, Lauren, Laura and Aaliyah and many more. I don’t recommend it as a first name as that would just be cruel. another spelling could be La-La, Lala or Laalaa.

Po: I really like this as a nickname as it is really cute a spunky. It could be a short form for: Poppy, Poet, Poem, Poetry, Posey maybe even Penelope (shortens to Poppy which could be shortened to Po). Another spelling is Poe which is an Italian River.

Tinky Winky: I have no idea what this could be short for

Dipsy: No idea again.

4 thoughts on “Names from my childhood part 2: The teletubbies

  1. Laa-laa and Po make great nicknames, I have seen Lala used as a middle name.

    I’ve seen quite a few men with Dipsy as their nickname, but not connected to their names, which is usually something completely different, like Maxwell. You could use it for Richard, instead of Dicky, which is pretty dated now.

    Tinky is another nickname I’ve seen on both sexes, usually based on a surname. There’s a minor character called Tinky (a man) in Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged”. No idea what it was supposed to be short for.

    You could use Tinky for Christine/Christina, Tinkerbell, Tinka, Tinker … but a Winky on the end should probably be dropped after the age of about two!!!! 🙂

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