Names from my childhood: Bear in the big blue house

The cast of Bear in the Big Blue House

I am doing a short series of blog posts with names from the shows I grew up with. I am only in my early teens so are the typical “90’s kid” shows. My first show is Bear in the Big Blue House a Canadian children’s television show.  To learn more about the show click here I am only using names from the original series not the new series.


Bear: Bear is the main character a six foot tall orange bear who lives in a big blue house. His name is from what he is. Famous bearers include popular television presenter (and pro madman) Bear Grylls who was born Edward. It does not rank but may become more popular.


Ojo: Ojo is a little red bear who lives in the big blue house. I THINK Ojo means little bear in a native American Language but I could not find which one. Ojo could be used as a nickname for Joanne, Joanna or Josephine as a fresher alternative to Jo. Joanne ranked 561 last year, Joanna ranked 307 and Josephine the most popular at 187.

Pip: Pip is a male character the cousin of Pop and they are purple otters. Pip is a nickname for Philippa or Philip or maybe Piper. There were less than 10 Philippa’s born last year, less than 10 Philip’s and Piper made it up to 72 with 93 born.

Luna: Luna is the name of the moon in the house. Luna means moon in Latin and a famous bearer is Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter. Similar sounding names Lucy which ranked number 21, Lucia which ranked number 115 and Lucinda which ranked 168. There were not enough Luna’s to rank.


Other names that can’t be used: Treelo the lemur, Pop the purple otter, Tutter the mouse, Shadow the shadow and Snow as in Snow Bear Ojo’s teddy.


Tomorrow I will post another one


4 thoughts on “Names from my childhood: Bear in the big blue house

  1. I think all these names seem cute and usable – I read that Ojo is a name from Nigeria, given to babies born with the umbilical cord around their necks; it means “difficult birth” or something similar. Apparently a lot of Nigerians are fed up with these “negative meaning” names, and are changing them. Pity, because Ojo is actually really cute sounding.

    Luna and Pip are both super adorable.

    (I do know of children named Snow and Shadow).

    1. Yes I saw that meaning but for the show the it was chosen probably chosen for the meaning of Little bear as Ojo is a little bear and I get that there are Snows and Shadows but Shadow is a female character and snow is male I think (it is hard to tell in kids shows) for real children it would be the other way round (I hope). I only let Pip pass as it can be a nickname for Philip and Piper is unisex.

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