Names of the week: Johnny and Ruffo

Johnny Ruffo from X Factor Australia

At this moment I am watching Dancing with the stars and about to scream at the screen. Why? Johnny Ruffo. He can’t even sing in my opinion. And now he is a “star” that is getting praise for his dancing skills. His name is a diminutive of John meaning lord is gracious. I am not sure if his real name is John or not. Currently at 329 in NSW down from a high in 2009 when it was at 321 compared to John which is at the rank of 100. His surname Ruffo may catch on with many O  ending names bolting up the charts. The surname Ruffo is a nickname for someone with red hair, from a dialect form of the standard Latin word rubeus. If you like names like Oliver, Oscar, Otis, Owen and Arlo maybe consider Ruffo and for those who have to honour a John maybe consider Johnny as a fresher alternative



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