Name of the Week: Red

Red Dog Statue in Dampier WA

So I have a few weeks ago went up north with my family and got to see Australia’s favourite dog Red Dog who’s story took Australia by storm after the movie was released starring Rachel Taylor (I only know who she is because I saw her on the news once because she is the ex girlfriend of Matthew Newton i think). It became the fourth highest grossing Australian film of all time. The dog is named after his colur and of cause the fact that he is a dog. Another famous Red is not so well loved. Red Symons whom I best know for his role on Hey Hey it’s Saturday (when they put it back on as I was born the year it was cancelled). I still remember when a three year old played twinkle twinkle little star and Red tried to gong him off but one of the celebrities (can’t remember who) held his arm. I am not suggesting you use the name though.


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