Go for Gold Lauren

Lauren Mitchell competing in the 2011 World Campionships

One of my favourite  athletes is also one from my home state gymnast Lauren Mitchell. My sisters second idol after Nadia Comaneci. Lauren Mitchell was born in Subiaco is Perth WA in 1991. In 2008 she became the first Australian ever to get a world championships gold medal and only the second to ever get a medal. She also won four gold medals in the 2010 commonwealth games. She is Australia’s best hope for Olympic Gymnastics Gold this year (though China will probably win). Her name is currently at number 87 having peaked just before she was born in the 1980’s when it was at number nine. By the time Lauren was born in the 1990’s it was at number 7. Other famous bearers are the daughter of Bert and Patti Newton and Water Ski champion and Celebrity Apprentice Australia contestant Lauryn Eagle. Other spellings include Lauryn and Loren.


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