Do you own a dictionary?????

One of my pet hates is when word names are spelt wrong deliberately  and randomly. Like my name Ebony being spelt Ebonee, Ebonie and Ebbenny. Are they the same name? Ebony is a deep dark black wood but Ebbenny is that the same name there is not a tree called Ebbenny. Same with London being spelt Londyn, Lundyn and Londen. Only London is a city in England. I rest my case.


4 thoughts on “Do you own a dictionary?????

  1. I too don’t feel comfortable with names that are established vocabulary words or proper names being re-spelled. It does open up the question, are they they same name any more? Is Peppr the same as the word “pepper”? Is Drezden the same as the city of Dresden?

    Maybe parents do it to make it seem less “wordy”?????

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