Popularity of names on personalised items

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I have been meaning to do this post for about 6 months and am finally getting around to it. This is one of my most researched posts but it should be pretty exciting to do the stats I am using are from 2005-2008 as babies aren’t going to buying personalised name stampers. Sorry if it’s really long it was interesting to research. Lastly for the average I have used the full name for the nicknames ranking as most Ben’s and Sam’s are actually Benjamin’s and Samuel’s.


Abbey (50)

Abigail (46)

Alexandra (53)

Alyssa (34)

Amber (72)

Amelia (13)

Amy (36)

Annabelle (63)

Ava (14)

Bella (41)

Caitlin (33)

Charlotte (6)

Chelsea (27)

Chloe (1)

Claudia (78)

Eliza (69)

Elizabeth (35)

Ella (3)

Emma (17)

Emily (2)

Eva (47)

Evie (90)

Gemma (89)

Georgia (20)

Grace (12)

Hannah (15)

Hayley (24)

Holly (28)

Imogen (39)

Jade (31)

Jasmine (21)

Jessica (9)

Kate (68)

Kayla (52)

Kiara (62)

Lara (29)

Lilly (40)

Lily (11)

Lucy (22)

Maddison (30)

Madeleine (76)

Madeline (98)

Madison (36)- See how they covered all the Maddy’s even the just in the top 100 Madeline

Maya (56)

Mia (7)

Mikayla (55)

Molly (42)

Natalie (54)

Olivia (4)

Paige (45)

Phoebe (51)

Ruby (19)

Samantha (37)

Sarah (16)

Scarlett (59)

Sienna (10)

Sophia (25)

Sophie (8)

Stephanie (70)

Tahlia (38)

Zara (43)

Zoe (18)

Average Ranking: 35. Interestingly my name was at 99 (One under the lowest charting name Madeline)


Aaron (70)

Adam (32)

Aidan (53)

Alex (60) there is no Alexander so but that was at 18

Andrew (51)

Angus (54)

Anthony (50)

Bailey (29)

Ben (111) no Benjamin which was at 13

Blake (34)

Callum (73)

Cameron (42)

Charlie (30)

Christian (41)

Christopher (54)

Connor (44)

Cooper (8)

Daniel (7)

Dylan (26)

Harrison (25)

Harry (36)

Hayden (46)

Isaac (28)- My brother was very excited when he found this and stamped it onto his hand.

Jake (27)

James (6)

Jayden (22)

Joel (64)

Jordan (40)- 160 for girls

Joseph (37)

Joshua (4)

Lachlan (3)

Liam (16)

Lucas (23)- Luke was still higher at this point at 20 while it was falling but Lucas was rising

Matthew (17)

Max (24)

Michael (35)

Mitchell (47)

Nathan (38)

Nicholas (21)

Noah (11)

Oliver (15)

Oscar (39)

Patrick (49)

Riley (12)

Ryan (10)

Sam (93) Samuel was at 14

Thomas (5)

Tyler (33)

William (2)

Xavier (63)

Zac (82)- Zachary was at 43

Average Ranking: 31

Name of the Week: Akeela

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One of my friends has been on my back for about two months to cover her name so I’m finally covering it. Akeela is a rare name that is a variant of Akilah an Arabic name meaning intelligent, logical. Akeela has never charted in Australia but in the UK it has scraped into the chart three times with 3 babies born each time in 1998, 2001 and 2006. The most popular spelling is Akeelah inspired by the 2006 movie Akeelah and the Bee and has charted every year since 2007 peaking with 12 babies. The Akilah spelling peaked in 2009 with 6 babies born. Akeela is an extremely unusual name with even with the three spellings combined at it’s peak it’s only made it to over 10 babies a few times.

Name of the week: Eamon

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Because I can’t think of any other names to cover this week I am covering my favourite boys name: Eamon. Eamon is the Irish form of Edmund meaning rich protector and is pronounced Ay-mon. Eamon doesn’t rank in Australia, is 1756 in the Uk with 13 born and 131 Eamon’s were born in the US in 2012. Some famous bearers are American singer Eamon who’s song F**k it (I don’t want you back) made it to number one in 2004 and Perth born sprint swimmer Eamon Sullivan who introduced me to the name back in 2008 as I only heard of the song a few days ago being only 5 in 2004.


Eamon is a name that I can definitely see me using in the future if I decide it’s ok to use an Irish name not being Irish but I have loved it six years longer then I have loved any other name.



Minnie and Braylen: June

Albany Western Australia

Albany Western Australia


Georgia, Benjamin and Maddison

Grace, Bridie and Archer


Julian and Alexander


Abby Jade

Brielle Kathleen (Flynn, Brodie and Kye)

Kara Louise (Mya)

Lily Rose (Victoria)

Ava Anne

Ellyse Keely

Eva Joy (Ry)- Dad named Aiden

Chanel Ayla

Savannah- Mum named Taylah

Erica May

Emily Elizabeth (Joseph)

Sara (Alessia)

Audrey Rose


Mae Ester (Sylvee Ada and Eve Francis)

Kate Maree (Oscar)

Addison Kaylynn

Zara Marie

Amèlie Rose

Eliza Grace

Zoe Louise (Joshua and Edward)

Sally Isabelle (Archie)

Georgie Matilda (Austin)

Josephine Alice (Lucy)

Magdalena Mary “Minnie”

Zara Jillian (Lachlan and Alexandra)

Paige Addison (Charlie)

Gracie Matilda (Charlotte and Lenny)

Phoebe Elizabeth


Brodie John “BJ”

Max Nabeel (Ava and Lola)

Leonard Michael Phineas (Maisie and Cecilia)

Samuel Terry (Max and Emily)

Finley George

Nicholas Beau

Lachlan Riley

Frederick Ian (Emily and Robert)

Hudson Geofrey

Campbell Charles (Alistair)

William Alexander (Grace and Ella)

Flynn Owen (Imogen)

Scott Michael

Patrick- I think he’s a junior as his dad is Paddy

Cohen Charles (Ebony)

Lucas Isaac (Jacob and Zoe)

Fletcher Joel (Cooper and Milla)- Guess they didn’t hear Swing at all this summer to know about Joel Fletcher

Blake John

Archer Joseph

Samuel Patrick (Xavier)

Louis John (Eddie)- Dad named Kade

Liam Jake (Oliver and Mason)

Mason William Miles

Isaac Graham (Ava and Noah)

Braylen Patrick (Eryn)

Thomas Carmelo

Jamie Luca (Dominique)

The Potential of Elsa

Elsa the snow queen

Elsa the snow queen

During my daily reading of Nova’s gossip page I find this article on the name Elsa titled Parents name children after 2013’s biggest movie. It states that Elsa entered the baby centre list at 88. While this isn’t an official list it has the potential to enter it. There are many El names present in the charts: Isabella at 11, Ella at 13, Isabelle at 23, Annabelle at 44, Stella at 46, Ellie at 56 and Elsie at 91. Anna ranks but in Australia it would be said Ann-ah not Ar-nah so if Anna rises frozen might not be the full influence. Elsa is similar to Elsie which entered the charts this year so Elsa would likely follow behind that and would rise with or with out the influence of the movie.

Name of the week: Millicent

Millicent Fawcett addressing a rally

Millicent Fawcett addressing a rally

I had my history exam today and one of the people I wrote about in my essay was Millicent Fawcett the leader of the Suffragists, which began in 1863. Millicent is a germanic name meaning strong in work. Millicent is at 556 in England while Millie ranks 26 in England, 94 in Victoria, 49 in Tasmania and 114 in NSW.

Chalyss and Tadija

Me running for a reason

Me running for a reason


Mila Grace and Scarlett Marie


Abby Rose (Lily and Grace)

Rachel Susannah (Asher)

Erin Peter (Zara)

Mia Jade

Holly Marie (Riley, Jake and Daniel)- Dad named Hayden

Chalyss Toni Brielle (Taiha, Meisha and Sari)

Leah Grace

Evelyn Rose

Taylor Bree

Laycie Isla (Brayden)

Alexia Rose

Isla Patricia Louise

Tayla Jo

Chloe Victoria (Melissa, Ryan, Matthew, Natalie and Oliver)

Summer Daphne (Siena and Jordan)

Naoise (Neesha) Eve (Tully and Oisin)

Opal Lily

Scarlett (Hailey and Georgia)

Chavelle Indiana

Kayla Anne Maree (Isabella


Ella Rose (Samuel and Jessica)

Jayde Charmaine (Logan)

Claire Elizabeth (Abigail)


Molly Chloe

Summer Paige (Alexia and Riley)

Zara Matilda (Flynn)

Evelyn Jannifer

Ava Victoria

Emma Sophie (Ashley and Toby)


Lisia Taharangitiatia Carmela

Indi Rose (Heidi)

Danika Nadia

Addison Layne (Zavier and Cailen)

Grace Sandra (Amelia, Sascha, Benjamin, Joseph and Alexander)

Evelyn Victoria

Madeline Isobel (Josh)- Mum named Ebony




Dion (Mia)

Isaac John

Brendan Matthew

Mitchell David

Thomas Troy (Charlotte)

Sterling Ryder Munro

Oliver Thomas

Riley James Andrew

Max Allan

Lucas Matthew (Stella)

Tadija James (Caitlyn, Mikaela and Grace)

Ari Gennaro (Lorenzo and Costa)

Courtney Malcolm (Sydney and Tanner- sadly I don’t know there genders)

Bayden Daniel James

Nate Jensen (Zavier and Koby)

Oliver Neville (Madeline and Grace)

Oliver Edward

Edward James (Emma-Louise)

Isaac James (Connor)- This is also my brothers name

Jasper George

Thomas Jacob

Archer Aaron (Amelia)

Mason Brian

Callan James David (Maddison and Ethan)

Frederic Robert Archie

Dante Peter (Valentina)

Andrew (Andy) Lee- I hope he has a brother named Hamish Blake (he does have two brothers)

Liam Blake

Daniel Joseph

Joshua Joseph (Caitlyn)

Theo Craig (Rohan and Tessa)

Judd Bailey (Indy and Nash)

Reginald Clifford (Tahlia)- Dad named Reg so I assume he’s a junior

Liam George (Harry)

Quinn Charlie (Kenzie and Makai)

Tom Joseph (Tessa and Macey)

Jacob William

Thomas John (Bradan)

Liam Thomas Lourenco

Hamish George (India and Fraser)

Name of the week: Emmeline

Emmeline Pankhurst

Emmeline Pankhurst

I recently got my marks back for my history essay on the suffragettes and I have been meaning to this name for a while so here it is Emmeline. Emmeline is From an Old French form of the germanic name Amelina, originally a diminutive of Germanic names beginning with the element amal meaning “work”. The Normans introduced this name to England. Emmeline is 573 in England but doesn’t rank anywhere else though Emmalyn and Emmaline rank in America. Emmeline could rise due to the similarity to Emily and Emma and the popular nicknames Emmy and Millie



Names from my childhood: Maisy

Maisy and crew

Maisy: She is a mouse. Maisy is at 111 in England and 460 in Victoria

Panda: Maisy’s stuffed companion.

Tallulah: A little chicken with a bow in her hair. Tallulah is at 229 in England

Cyril: The squirrel. It is at 1852 in England.

Eddie: An Elephant. Eddie is at 321 in England and 345 in Australia

Charley: A male crocodile. Charley ranks at 408 for boys in England but is more popular for girls.



Funny Google Search Terms

Not the main search term for my blog surprisingly

Not the main search term for my blog surprisingly (But I have seen my blog a lot thanks Google)

indy jack boys name: Well Indy might seem a bit feminine for a boy but Jack is lovely

toby contact deatil number danis house: 

 (please don’t call that number)

waltzing more than matilda: Whoops wrong blog I think you wanted this one: http://waltzingmorethanmatilda.com/

isla tottie page: She’s on page 14 of bbno in  Emmy-Lisl, Francesco Michele and twins Bonham and Floyd: Birth Announcements From Perth

makai in australia: McKay is a city in Queensland here:

osviežovač vzduchu: How did air freshener in Slavic lead you here

i call my hamish, james: I’m an Ebony called Ebs so I guess I don’t have a problem.

names gemma & nate what else: If I had a Nate and a Gemma I would use Alfie or Elsie

banane in pijamale: They have banana’s in pyjama’s in Java thats pretty cool

paige mia amy zoe: I’m unsure what you want here. 

is lily too popular: It depends on what too popular is for you she’s at 12 in Australia

lauren mitchell shines at australian gymnastics championships: thats really bad grammar it’s Lauren Mitchell and Australia

i hate names like alfie and archie: I can’t take you seriously until you use capitals

australia beaches girls: Beaches don’t have genders

spelling variations of georgia: *deep breath* Jorja, Jorga, Jeorga, Jeorja, Jeorjia, Jorgia, Jeorgia and probably more

flowers images for lili: If you spelt it right you might have gotten some results

tahlia the world: The world is called Earth not Tahlia

how many maxines were born in 013: Name records don’t go back that far

emily names: There is only one Emily name: Emily

georgia bonora australian: I have no idea what your on about

jorjia: I knew I forgot one, Thanks

1d which last name sounds/likes best with my name:I don’t know your first name

play school australia daisy: 


teletubbies nicknamed tinky winky po dipsy laa laa: Those are there actual names

the cast of bear in the big blue house: www.imdb.com/title/tt0173664/fullcredits?ref_=tt_ql_1

what are the names of bananas in pajamas: B1 and B2 mate

banana+in+pyjamas= Bananas in Pyjamas

most popular italian names: www.behindthename.com/top/lists/it/2012

fotos de hi 5: Here and please never speak spanish to me again


bananas in pajamas – teddies – is morgan a girl or boy?: He is a boy

inside youtube: Soz can’t help

bananas+in+pajmas+big+guif: WTF?

my name is hamish but i go by james: Are you the one from before?

ebony feranda: Its Ebbeny Feranda

hi 5 kathleen baby tim and nathan: Stalker

emmy ve francesco: Emmy is lovely not too sure what Ve Francesco means

valjoy’s bedroom description hating alison ashley: It’s in the book so read it

cow’s name from play school: Daisy

interesting names of the show: What show?

charlie hi 5: It’s Charli

mga larawan ni isaac sa bible: Hey you in the Philippines

how to find a birth announcement in western australia: You need to subscribe to the West Australian newspaper

madeleine, irish name, red hair girl: Sorry I don’t know her

how can i find out what a toy’s name is from my childhood?: You use this crazy little thing called memory

stephen rice the swimmer: Its Stephanie

loren mitchell gymnast: Lauren

bananas in pyjamas:amy: