Everly and Leighton: March

Forrest Chase in Perth City

Forrest Chase in Perth City


Georgia Joanna Mary and Margaret “Maggie” Molly Ailsa (Alice)

Georgia Mae and Toby Klay


Liam Henry (Luke)

Alex (Lucas)

Finn Antonio (Chase)

Seth David (Judd)

Anton (Charlotte)

Leighton Riefe (Declan, Bailee and Kylah)

Luke Robin

Martin Philip (Heidi)

Marco Giovanni (Massimo)

Oliver David William

Judd Mitchell

Oscar Kenneth Mark (Nathaniel and Oliver)

Tyler Glen

Oscar Terence Patrick

Luke Francis

Andrew James (Rebecca)

Sullivan Ralph (Devon)

Alexander Jensi (Lucie)

James Ronald (Amelia)

Nate Eli (Jace and Teal)

Finn Robert (Hudson)- Was this intentional?

Christopher Henry (Chloe and William)

Jordan Andrew

Nicholas Stephan (Isaac)

Mitchell Latimer (Xavier)

Harrison Patrick Jakov

Jude Aaron (Joseph and Juliet)

Leighton Claude

Thomas Luigi (James, Nicholas and Lucas)

Oliver Mark (Gabriella and Natalia)

Sebastian Eli (Allegra)


Luka Taylor

Ryan Jacob (Mitchell)

James Jeremy

Harrison Adam

Oliver James (Sophie)

Hunter James (Mahli)



Amèlie Mary Georgina

Anna Vera

Emma Mackenzie

Ruby Maylin

Sunny Jade (Chase)

Zara Ann (Jack)

Chelsea Ann


Everly Dee (Noah)

Isabella Grace (Anamarie)

Alice Mary (Hugo)

Willow Poppy (Sybella and Harper)

Mia Ellen

Piper Addison (April, Chloe and Chelsea)

Claire Vanessa (Eric)

Elyssa Heidi

Emily Kate (Aliyah and James)

Katherine Charlene

Eva Summer (Alex)

Emilia Siena (mother named Nuala)

Ruby Eden (Layla, Dhevan and Jurnee)

Ava Rose

Chelsea Brooke


Kate Veronica (Oscar and Lauren)

Paige Emmi (Mia and Rhienna)

Isabella (Kye)

Felicia Kari

Names name nerds love but I don’t: Agnes

Agnes from despicable me two

Agnes from despicable me

Agnes the supposed newest vintage revival name despite only ranking in the  top 500  in Sweden (number 11), Denmark (25) and Norway (74). It is at 580 in the UK, in the US 121 girls got the name in 2012 and it’s at 503 in Victoria. Hardly trendy unless you live in Sweden, Denmark or Norway which I doubt. The similar Agatha is even worse only ranking 975 in the UK and 42 were born in 2012 in America. Both names (along with anything with the nickname Maggie) are so harsh to me and I don’t get why people love it so so much.

Name of the week: Elspeth

Typical Smith Family Shot

Typical Smith Family Shot

So I’ve covered my name, brudda’s name (Isaac) and sissy’s name (Adele) but not yet my mumsies name. My mum is named Elspeth Anne. My mum got her name because when my grandma was in her teens she met an Elspeth and many many years later my mum came and she became Elspeth, another name in consideration was Heather but my mums cousin got it first. My mums name works better now with the popularity of Ellie and Elsie both very unpopular names when my mum was young. I love my mums name but love Eleanor, Eloise and Isobel a lot more.

Pop Culture baby name: Audra

Screenshot from Addicted to You music video

Screenshot from Addicted to You music video

Avicii’s newest uncredited artist is  a woman named Audra Mae in addicted to you which peaked at number 5 on the Aria Charts. Audra Mae is the great-great niece of Judy Garland and is 30. Audra is either a Lithuanian name meaning storm or a rare variant of Audrey.  With Audrey being the newest cool old lady name in fashion at 51 in Australia and 41 in the USA. Audra was given to 183 girls in the United states 2012. Does Audra have potential unlike the other names I’ve profiled Audra Mae is an uncredited artist when you buy or listen to the song it’s simply Addicted to you by Avicii and she doesn’t appear in the video (though neither does Avicii)

Things name nerds hate but I love: Surname Names

Funny my names in the biggest letters

Funny my names in the biggest letters

My top ten includes Cooper, Lincoln Baxter and Lawson. None of these have any meaning to me my family surnames being unusable McKechanie, Horrex and Curruthers (grandma’s maiden name, mums maiden name and Nana’s middle name).  I posted on nameberry about this issue  here. Most people said it was ok if it had meaning but I just like the sound of Cooper, Baxter and Lawson and I don’t think of Lincoln as a surname as I wouldn’t use it to honour Abraham Lincoln because I’m not too sure what he actually did, I think we was a US president. I wouldn’t use a surname name on a girl I’m berry enough not to love Mackenzie and Madison but I think there too dated I know about 50 Madison’s and a Makenzie and a McKenzie all my age.


Happy Second Birthday Baby Name Obsessed

urlSo it’s been two years Baby Name Obsessed began which means I was 13 when it began and I’m now a much (much) more mature 15. In this past year I’ve gotten past the 100 post mark with this being my 151st post. All time I’ve had 14,653 all time views which equates to 7321.5 views per year which is still pretty bad. I would like to thank Anna for commenting on ALL  my posts and also to Clare for scooping all my posts. Thank you to everyone who has viewed and commented on my posts.

Name of the week: Elena

Halcyon Days Album Cover

Halcyon Days Album Cover

One of my favourite singers and one of my favourite celebrity names is Elena Jane Goulding the real name of Ellie Goulding. Her album name also became a guilty pleasure names: Halcyon. Elena is a well used name in Australia, the UK and the US ranking in the mid 100′s in all three places (165 in Victoria, 139 in the US and 280 in the UK), though in Australia and the UK it’s Ellie thats taken off 67 in Australia and 35 in the UK (although in the UK Ellie is falling its at it’s lowest point since 1996) in the US its in the top 100 at 85. From personal experience the Elena I know has never gotten Ellie and the two Ellie’s in my year level are just Ellie, the other Ellie was born Ellen. One potential issue with Elena is no one can agree on the pronunciation Nameberry says its el-ay-na but the Elena I know says El-en-ah (like Helen without the H and the A) to me El-ay-na would be Elaina or Allaina. 

Names name nerds love but I don’t: Penelope

imagesPenelope is currently the rising star baby name in Australia. Its not a name I like I don’t know why but I just don’t. I do know a Penelope she’s 24 and goes by Penny and my friends mum is named Penny (just Penny). Penelope is quite popular in Australia in the top 100 in many states. Penelope is also a reality TV name she’s the daughter of Kourtney Kardashian so many mothers of Penelope’s might be thinking Kardashian.

Names that mean Love

urlHappy valentines day in honour of today being a day with a certain name I will be looking at names that mean love that I think are useable on a baby today:

Amy/Aimee/Amie: After peaking in the 80′s Amy might seem a bit dated to be used on a young baby. But I think it works it has a nicknamey feel to it and the meaning of Beloved. In 2012 it was still top 100 in Victoria at 84

Aroha: A maori name meaning Love the one I knew pronounced it Ad-oh-ah. It could work on someone of any race and Addy could be a nickname though it could have issues with pronunciation

Carys/Cerys: A welsh name meaning Love thats definitely works on anyone. Pronounced Car-iss or Care-iss. Carys currently doesn’t rank in Australia

Esme: Is it too twilight? Esme meaning beloved is a rare vintage choice never reaching the top 100 but it fell off the list in the 1940′s in 2012 it ranked 614 in Victoria

Imogen: An Australian favourite rare in the US and one of my least favourites. Meaning beloved child according to nameberry. At 48 in Victoria its certainly not unusual.

Kalila: Kalila is an Arabic name meaning beloved. Its rare but fits in with name trends and has the nickname of Lily. Kalila doesn’t rank

Kerensa/Karenza: Like Carys Karensa is welsh meaning love.  It could be viewed as a bit dated with its similarity to Karen.

Milena: Milena is a czech name meaning love, warmth, grace. Currently in the US top 1,000 and Germanys top 100 it’s the short form Mila thats taken off in Australia currently at 44 in Victoria while Milena doesn’t rank.

Myfanwy: A welsh name meaning my lovely little one and pronounced Muh-vahn-wee and some people would say it as Tiffany with a M. Myfanwy has never ranked

Priya: An Indian name meaning beloved that isn’t just reserved for Indian girls. Priya doesn’t rank in Australia and is pronounced Pree-ah

Siran: An Armenian name meaning Lovely. Siran is a rare possibility that could very well work on a little girl.

Valentina: Valentina doesn’t mean love but it is Valentine’s day so it makes sense Valentina’s included. Valentina works much better then Valentine, Valentina is at 220 in Victoria

All meanings are from Nameberry and I apologise that there are no boys names.




Pop Culture baby names: Emeli

Emeli Sande

Emeli Sande

She’s a singer who shares my sisters name and no its not Adele. It’s Emeli Sande born Adele Emeli Sande. Emeli is most likely just a variant spelling of Emily a forever popular name meaning Rival. But Emeli debuted in the top 1000 in 2012 in the UK with 40 girls born putting it at 916. I’m not sure we should start using Emeli it’s different to Rita or Hollis, I think her real first name Adele is the name to watch.