Taylor Henderson

Taylor on a boy is the name on my boys list and get ready for my boys list to go into surname overdrive (7 out of 10 of the rest of my boys list are surnames). And I call myself a namenerd…


In my defence Taylor it is more popular as a girls name but falling fast, it fell of the top 100 in 2011 from 94 and in Victoria in 2012 it was at 164. But Taylor isn’t the only spelling we use here in Straya Tayla was at 211 and the most popular spelling is Taylah at 121 which seems to be uniquely Australian. For boys Taylor is at 260 and with the limited data I have in this country it’s rising. Taylor for both genders peaked in the 90’s and 38 for girls and 130 for boys so I view it as not as dated on boys but extremely dated for girls, actually Tayla was on my mums list for both me and my sister if I remember correctly. 


Taylor could rise this year because of X-factors Taylor Henderson who came second last season. But the dated and feminine  aspect of Taylor could be a turnoff. 



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The less popular and more frilly version of Rosalie is the name that makes it onto my list but it isn’t my favourite spelling of the name that is the Lithuanian, Slovene, Croatian, Macedonian beauty that is Rozalija but I can’t pull that off. Rosalia is an Italian name that can have two common nicknames (Rosie and Rose), a dated nickname (Sally) or two uniquely Australian nicknames (Zali and Zalia) due to the fact that I pronounce it Roe-zar-lee-ah but I am unsure how correct that is.


Rosalia is an italian name meaning rose. Rosalia is at 3160 in the UK with 7 born (the same amount of Nevaeha’s were born that year) after peaking in 2007 with 8 born. In the US Rosalia was given to 98  baby girls and was last on the top 1000 in 1932 and peaked at 540 in 1881. 


While Rosalie can contribute its popularity to twilight its sister remains unusual and has old fashioned charm. 


Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 12.03.57 pmYes thats right just Alfie not Alfred but Alfie. I actually cannot stand Alfred at all its one of my least favourite names way way too old fashioned for my tastes. But Alfie is fun and youthful but can age with a person well. In Australia Alfie isn’t too popular (201 in Victoria in 2012) but mega popular over in the UK (at 11 down from a peak of 4)


Alfie is a diminutive of Alfred meaning elf council. If I were to use a full name for Alfie it would be Rafael or a hyphenated name my favourite on the UK charts being Alfie-Jai or Alfie-Jay. Alfie only charts in the UK at 11 in England and Wales, 19 in Northern Ireland and 17 in Scotland and also 79 in Ireland. 

Could Alfie ever join our popularity charts? Probably not as it is falling in England.



Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 4.39.21 pmMy most unpronounceable favourite is Eilidh a Scottish name that is pronounced Ay-lee. My problem with EIlidh is can a 2nd and 3rd generation Australian of only about 60% Scottish ancestry (Grandma from near Glasgow, three great grandparents from Scotland, One from England and Granddad from England) really use it in Australia? My mum has had a lot of trouble with her Scottish name (Elspeth) and thats easier to understand then Eilidh.


Eilidh doesn’t chart in Australia but it is at 1075 in England and Wales and at 22 in Scotland. Eilidh means “Sun, radiant one” or is the Scottish variation of Eleanor.


Eilidh is a darling name that deserves to get more popular  if only people could work out how to say and spell it properly, I mean after seeing the struggles my mum has had with her name I wouldn’t love an even harder one. 



Screen Shot 2014-08-23 at 11.45.35 amTodays name is Asher, sorry I didn’t post yesterday I was half asleep most of the day. Asher is a one of the few unisex names on my list as Asher also charts for girls in Australia. Asher is a hebrew name meaning happy or blessed, could it be a way to honour my brother Isaac (a hebrew name meaning laughter). In Australia Asher isn’t in the top 100 but for girls especially has been rising due to actress Asher Keddie. For girls it was at 195 in Victoria and 165 for boys. In America it is at 104 so maybe it will enter the top 100 next year?, 311 in the UK and a top 100 name in Canada at 84 and would be in the mid 100’s in New Zealand as it was at 95 in 2012. 


Asher could be a potential top 100 name and is perfect for parents who find Ashley too feminine or too dated (although I wouldn’t be surprised if Asher became a top 100 name for girls if Asher Keddie can remain popular). 





Brandy about two years ago

Brandy about two years ago

Because I’m going home tonight I will take a break from writing about my favourite names to talk about my favourite animals name Brandy. Brandy wasn’t names by us we got her when she was two years old in about 2004 (see bottom photo) and is still alive today. Brandy gets called and responds to many different names: Brandy, Bebe, Bee, Brands, Brandy Bear and Beezus (Our other dog Gemma is Gege, Ge and Geezus as a result). Brandy is 40 on dogtime.com’s most popular dog names list but when it comes to humans being named Brandy there are few especially in Australia where it has never ranked. Brandy fell off the US top 1000 in 2007 when it was at 888, Brandi in 2007 from 851 and Brandie in 1996 from 843. Brandy though did peak in the top 100 at 37 in 1978 and spent 14 years in the top 100. In England Brandy’s chart story has been up and down it peaked in 1999 with 10 babies and was last on the chart in 2009 with three babies and has charted for eight years on and off, Brandi peaked in 1998 with 7 babies and last charted in 2005 and Brandie peaked 1997 with 5 babies and last charted in 2001. Brandy as a name has a very different chart story to my other two dogs names: Gemma and Dash and my cats name Tommy. If I can get or find photos of them I may cover there names as well as Gemma does have an interesting chart story which I have covered before

Baby Ebony and Baby Brandy circa 2004

Baby Ebony and Baby Brandy circa 2004



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Lincoln a surname name that peaks in Australia mainly because of a home and away star and my 8th favourite name. First things first Lincoln’s rise in Australia especially last year could come down to Lincoln Younes who joined the home and away cast as Casey Braxton in 2011 when it made it to 86 by the next year it was at 67 to this year make it 50. Though it really only has one more year of home and away led rising with his character being killed off but depending on the success of the new show Lincoln Younes is joining (love child) it could be in the top 40 in the next two years. 


In Australia as I previously stated is at 50, 95 in the US, 70 in New Zealand and 204 in England. In Western Australia it is at joint 38 with Braxton. Lincoln means town by the pool. 


I actually know a little Lincoln who made me love the name, it’s one of the few names on my boys list that I know someone with the name before I put it on my list. I also love the nickname Link which the young Lincoln (who is three) gets called. 



Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 11.09.49 amTodays name is Felicity. Felicity is a latin name meaning Lucky ultimately derives from Latin felicitas “good luck”. I originally preferred the french spelling Félicité but gave up on it as it’s unpronounceable in English. Felicity is reasonably rare never making the top 100, peaking at just 116 in the 70’s but it’s not dated like Michelle and Nicole. Felicity is still in the top 200 at 199 in Victoria. Felicity is 579 in the US and 169 in the UK. 

What I like about Felicity is the meaning and the way it rolls of the tongue. I also love the nicknames: Fliss (my favourite), Flick, Felix and Lissy. 




Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 10.04.56 amArcher is a name I can’t used (dibsed by my 13 year old sister) but love anyway. Archer is a surname for originally given to an archer. Archer is 351 in the United States, 407 in the UK, 48 in WA, 55 in Australia and 95 in New Zealand.


I like Archer because of the surname name aspect of it and the cute nickname Archie. I hope Archer can find the love to entert the top 50 because it definitely deserves a spot there.



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Since I’ve already covered Elena the next name on my list is Mirabel. One of the most unusual names on my list Mirabel so unusual it didn’t even make the 2012 extended list in Victoria. Mirabel is a variant of Mirabelle from the latin mirabilis meaning wonderful. Mirabelle was given to 74 girls in the US in 2012 and 6 baby girls in the UK in 2013. 


When I was younger I loved Miranda so my love of Mirabel is completely understandable. Mirabel contains elements of more popular names like Miranda and Miriam and Isabel and Annabel. Mirabel has a chance of becoming more popular but will it ever crack the US top 1000 only time will tell.